I am one of the lucky bloggers invited by TV 5 to watch Terminator Salvation.I am not a Terminator fan so I really can`t relate with the elements present in this movie.But I was amazed with the super high tech robots and gadgets here.All I can say is When Arnold Schwarzenneger specially appeared the crowd was cheering.The only moment I hear them scream . I cannot distinguish which part is the past,which is the present.Why are they fighting? What is the role of the child? I really can`t understand everything.

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Narito ang pangalan ng mga mapapalad na bloggers
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sa Special Screening ng pelikulang
Angels and Demons
sa May 15, 7PM sa Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2Cesar Alagar
Joey Cura
Dennis Claves
Dale Bacar
Iris Mejia
Azrael Colladilla
Montsh Acosta
Jonel Uy
Ryan Joson
Jennifer Aspacio
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Leira Pagaspas
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Cathie Copaway
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Abe Alhambra
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Winston Almendras
Jehzeel Laurente
Cai Abass
Maki Eduardo
Joriben Zaballa
Bob Reyes
Ruby Rose Paiso-Reyes
Briang Ong
Christian Wong
Hannah Villasis
Christian Tan-Gatue
Frances Manalansan
Monique Lee
AnnaLou Tongco
Mary Anne Tolentino
Jason Ong
Carl Valenzona
Ed Arevalo
Trixie Ison
Ang Special Screening na ito ay hatid sa atin ng
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