I was not expecting to really laugh out loud in this movie but I did.
It was funnier as I watched it August 6 at Greenbelt Cinema, thanks to Warner Bros. c/o Az and Ms. Sionee.
I consider this movie as one of my favorite comedy film as of this year.
I really had a hangover from laughing.
This group of bachelors were really outrageous from the very moment of their jokes: Doug,Phil,Stu and Alan.
I was like puzzled the whole time what happened the night before they drank. And the more they begin to uncover , the more it gets really funny.
It is rare to feel but I would like to see this movie again.
And surely I will not remember anything when I woke up the next day.
It was nice to see Heather Graham in the big screen after seeing her in the blockbuster hit Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. She was really gorgeous in this film. It was exciting to know that her role here is a stripper.
There`s one more gorgeous babe to watch out here. She is Sasha Barrese

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