I was not expecting to really laugh out loud in this movie but I did.
It was funnier as I watched it August 6 at Greenbelt Cinema, thanks to Warner Bros. c/o Az and Ms. Sionee.
I consider this movie as one of my favorite comedy film as of this year.
I really had a hangover from laughing.
This group of bachelors were really outrageous from the very moment of their jokes: Doug,Phil,Stu and Alan.
I was like puzzled the whole time what happened the night before they drank. And the more they begin to uncover , the more it gets really funny.
It is rare to feel but I would like to see this movie again.
And surely I will not remember anything when I woke up the next day.
It was nice to see Heather Graham in the big screen after seeing her in the blockbuster hit Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. She was really gorgeous in this film. It was exciting to know that her role here is a stripper.
There`s one more gorgeous babe to watch out here. She is Sasha Barrese

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I am one of the lucky bloggers invited by TV 5 to watch Terminator Salvation.I am not a Terminator fan so I really can`t relate with the elements present in this movie.But I was amazed with the super high tech robots and gadgets here.All I can say is When Arnold Schwarzenneger specially appeared the crowd was cheering.The only moment I hear them scream . I cannot distinguish which part is the past,which is the present.Why are they fighting? What is the role of the child? I really can`t understand everything.

Added on 10:28 AM

Narito ang pangalan ng mga mapapalad na bloggers
na nagkamit ng VIP PASS
sa Special Screening ng pelikulang
Angels and Demons
sa May 15, 7PM sa Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2Cesar Alagar
Joey Cura
Dennis Claves
Dale Bacar
Iris Mejia
Azrael Colladilla
Montsh Acosta
Jonel Uy
Ryan Joson
Jennifer Aspacio
Ada Lajara
Leira Pagaspas
Earth Rullan
Ria Tirazona
Chris Aquino
Rochelle Chua
Edelweiza Mabalay
Edwin Techo
Jeffrey Aspacio
Sire Arevalo
Mabelle Arevalo
Fely Gonzales
Mica Rodriguez
Cathie Copaway
Spanky Rodriguez
Abe Alhambra
Jessie Villanueva
Winston Almendras
Jehzeel Laurente
Cai Abass
Maki Eduardo
Joriben Zaballa
Bob Reyes
Ruby Rose Paiso-Reyes
Briang Ong
Christian Wong
Hannah Villasis
Christian Tan-Gatue
Frances Manalansan
Monique Lee
AnnaLou Tongco
Mary Anne Tolentino
Jason Ong
Carl Valenzona
Ed Arevalo
Trixie Ison
Ang Special Screening na ito ay hatid sa atin ng
TV5! Shake Mo TV Mo!

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Went to podium to watch Fast and Furios press screening,got an invite from Jona of Yehey.com

Solar Films presents Fast and Furios
From the very beginning this movie was breathtaking.I was like holding to my seat as I am amazed at the same time scared with the racing scenes.
It makes me want to watch all Fast and Furios movies.
Altough I can`t relate to some scenes due to incomplete info.I had great time watching it.The thrill of watching fast cars racing is doubled for it was also like a mind game, the character of Braga was so mysterious and made me think a lot who he really is.
I also like O`connor`s detective skills and how he was able to penetrate as an agent.
I like the twist of the story specially when (Paul Walker ) O`connor pretended himself as one of those racers , it was a difficult situation but in the end proved courage more than anybody.

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From the makers of Ouija comes another sure hit production that will definitely raise the bar for this year`s frightfests.Action superstar Robin Padilla stars opposite three of the country`s most sought after actresses today- Rhian Ramos,Katrina Halili and Sunshine Dizon – in the first locally produced horror suspense film this 2009- SUNDO

In the movie ,Romano (Robin Padilla), a retired military operative gifted with a mystic eye ,returns to Manila from Baguio ,together with his sister Isabel (Rhian Ramos) and childhood friend Louella (Sunshine Dizon).They are joined by an aspiring actress ,Kristina (Katrina Halili), a widow ,Lumen (Glydel Mercado) ,and his son (Hero Angeles) along with Louella`s driver Baste (Mark Bautista).

Ironically,their Manila bound vehicle was doomed when they managed to avoid a fatal accident or their “sundo” by a twist of fate.In no time , a series of catastrophic incidents followed endangering the lives of the passengers ,including Romano whose visions seem to be causing their ill fate.

With the clock ticking ahead ,Romano and the rest of the passengers fight tooth and nail as they struggle to defeat the wrath of the evil spirit.Will they be able to survive the looming threat of death in their lives or could it be too late?

Aside from the powerhouse cast of Sundo, versatile actress Iza Calzado and cager Simon Atkins as well as veteran actresses Jacklyn Jose , Estrella Kuenzler , Odette Khan,Mely Tagasa and Rina Reyes will deliver significant performances in the film .Viewers ought to see how their characters will intensify the message of how death is certain,unforeseen, and difficult to defeat.

Directed by Topel Lee,Sundo opens in theaters nationwide on March 18 with a premiere night on March 17 at SM Megamall cinema 10

The movie You Changed My Life, is the sequel to the box-office hit A Very Special Love starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo.Coming Soon in Theaters Feb 25

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When I Met You is directed by Joel Lamangan and will open in cinemas nationwide starting February 11, 2009.
Premiere Night on SM megamall cinema 9 and 10 7 pm

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A story about a car.Im sorry coz Gran Torino is an old vintage car.
It goes like this:
There was an English Old racist man who hates the world.Maybe due to old age and being alone.
Everyone around him wants his Gran Torino and everything else he owns.
Like his family,friends and neighbors.
He gradually became soft and even the most tolerable person upon the attempt of his Asian neighbors to please him.
To avoid spoiling the excitement for this that`s it for now.
It will be shown in Philippine cinemas Feb. 18
I am not an avid viewer of Clint Eastwood films but it was surprise to know that he is both the Director and Producer of this film.It is hard to imagine that Clint could have made that idea.No wonder he really delivered his peice so well. Does Clint really speaks that Husky in real life or that was actiing the whole time.Everytime scenes were so serious there will always be a chop of funny humour with it.That`s why even if it`s a bit boring and sad it pulls every single heartstring.Kudos to the Asian actors for doing great job.I wish I could be like them.And thinking of the story all over again I really can`t accept the kind of ending.I wish something happen which was favor to him.Whatever it is,Gran Torino is a brilliant idea of Clint Eastwood.

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Pictures: Mark Cerbo
What: The Advance Press Screening of Australia
When: January 20th, 2009
Where: Glorietta 4, Ayala Mall, Makati City
Time: 7PM
Featuring: The Bloggers, Plurkers, & Transfans
Special Thanks To: Warner Bros
Last January 20 Tuesday night we were lucky bloggers to first see this Movie.
There is a strong point of beginning as the child narrates his life and how it was changed.I see Australia as a beautiful place specificly the outback.
The real point here is it`s story was extraordinary,really far from a simple imagination.It is a story of epic,love and mystic.
There is so much attachment between the love of a mother to a child.
There is importance of learning to love from a heart who lives in hatred.
This happened during the world war 2 in Australia.And although it tells about history this will be remembered for it`s moral lesson.
I was touched by this story.
I feel sorry for the animals harmed here.When the Kangaroo was shot they were laughing,and my heart was mourning.
I find it better than Love Me Again

genre: Drama
running time: 164 min.
director: Baz Luhrmann
studio: 20th Century Fox
producer(s): Baz Luhrmann
screenplay: Stuart Beattie, Baz Luhrmann, Ronald Harwood, Richard Flanagan
cast: Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, David Wenham, Jack Thompson, Bryan Brown

Australia Movie Synopsis:
Australia is an epic and romantic action adventure, set in that country on the explosive brink of World War II. In it, an English aristocrat (Nicole Kidman) travels to the faraway continent, where she meets a rough-hewn local (Hugh Jackman) and reluctantly agrees to join forces with him to save the land she inherited. Together, they embark upon a transforming journey across hundreds of miles of the world's most beautiful yet unforgiving terrain, only to still face the bombing of the city of Darwin by the Japanese forces that attacked Pearl Harbor.

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Did you see the movie Yes Man? Yes
Did you like it? Yes
Did you understand? Yes
Did you laugh out loud? Yes
was it awesome? Yes
was Carl Allen really Funny? Yes
Did you like his leading lady? Yes
Did you find it romantic ? Yes
Did you like the funny scenes,places,the costumes,and everything? Yes
Did you like the characters? Yes
Did you like how it was directed? Yes
Did you like watching it in Glorietta 4 cinema? Yes
Did you like the food? Yes
Did you like watching it with your friends? Yes
Would you recommend this movie to anyone? Yes
Do you think this movie will be a box office hit? Yes
Do you want to thank Azrael Merryland and Warner Bros.? Yes
Do you want to see another movie from Warner Bros.? Yes

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My review:
One night only is a familiar concept for me.
but it`s really cool movie.
Scenes of Chokoleit and Joross remarked as one of the funniest
Paolo and Alex scene as well.
I am one of those who didn`t expect a lot from this movie,
Surprisingly it`s humour was simply realistic that turns out to be wacky comedy.
We were all laughing like crazy.

Jennylyn Anne Pineda Mercado also known as Jennylyn Mercado (born May 15, 1987 in Las Piñas City, Metro Manila, Philippines) is a Filipina actress and singer. She was the winner of the first season of StarStruck, a reality-based talent search show of GMA Network in the Philippines.


It all happened in one night.

Free- spirited and money hungry Jasmine (Katrina Halili) was all set to leave for Hong Kong with her new Chinese lover when her Congressman-benefactor Facundo (Ricky Davao) decided to have his return of investment. Forced to comply with a rather angry lawmaker, Jasmine had no other choice but to give in to the demands of this hot-blooded sponsor lest she be exposed for her frivolities.

Meanwhile, in a movie set, hunk actor Diego (Paolo Contis) was wrestling with a major issue involving a reporter named Meliton (Ogie Diaz) whom he beat up when the latter exposed his shady past. But this was really beyond Diego’s concerns for he had his eyes set on one of the talents on his set, a naive looking extra named Angela (Alessandra de Rossi). As he was manipulating events to get this girl in bed, he remained in touch with his best friend, Pons (Jon Avila).

Pons was a stud who worked as an advertising executive. And he too wanted to bed Vicky (Valerie Concepcion), a girl he met in Boracay. After spending so much on Vicky when they met on vacation, Pons realized that he was short-changed when she passed out on him. Unknown to the man, another girl-–Vivian (Diana Zubiri), a friend of Jasmine, was feeling guilty because she did not give in to the demands of Pons the night before when they went out on a date. So now she was determined to make appropriate amends.

The gay hairdresser of Facundo’s wife, Inday, was equally excited that day. Edward (Chokoleit) was a flamboyant beautician who was finally having his moment of truth with a man whom he has been taking care of for the past months. Edward mas madly in love with Nestor (Joross Gamboa) and this was the night that he will propose to him.

On the set where Diego was trying to get into the pants of Angela, the supervisor of the talents was a bull dyke named George (Manilyn Reynes). She was carrying on an affair with the make-up artist named Elvie (Jennylyn Mercado). Elvie, who happens to be the cousin of Vicky, wanted to end this relationship because she wanted to live a normal life. And this sent the lesbian’s world crashing.

Because of certain twists and turns and circumstances, all these characters ended up in the same motel called Lover’s Hideaway.

What happened was a night of chaos and confusion. What transpired for the next twelve hours would forever be part of their lives…and trauma.

Added on 6:19 AM

This is my second time to watch this movie and it`s really worth watching again.
I was just curious for the second time .And same with others I thought it was a sci-fi movie in the beginning.The story was really lovely,it talks about life and love.
Clarity captures every viewers heart .
and it`s true that
no one should be treated badly because of their differences.
There are so much lessons to learn here:
How Choices affects us as individuals, our lives, the people around us and their lives, and the rest of the world.
this story is in the mode of goodness

The characters and story are deep yet related.
Great performances by the cast.
Each and every detail are meaningful
Art Direction was really amazing, imaginatively astounding.

There really is nothing wrong with this film. Even with a runtime of about 160 minutes,
The tears of my friends are rewardless.
This wonderful movie is recommended to anyone.

for more info:

Based on Danny Wallace's autobiographical book, Jim Carrey stars as a man who decides to spice up his life by saying yes to everything in his life that he would normally say no to. Fun With Dick and Jane's creative team of director Peyton Reed and writer Nick Stoller head up the production. Zooey Deschanel co-stars as the romantic interest, with Bradley Cooper appearing as Carrey's best friend. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, All Movie Guide

Jim Carrey stars as Carl Allen, a man who signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say yes to everything...and anything. At first, unleashing the power of “yes” transforms Carl’s life in amazing and unexpected ways, but he soon discovers that opening up his life to endless possibilities can have its drawbacks.

Directed by: Peyton Reed
Written by: Nicholas Stoller, Jarrad Paul, Andrew Mogel
Cast: Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper, Rhys Darby, John Michael Higgins, Danny Masterson, Terence Stamp
Studio: Warner Bros
Genre: Comedy
Official Site: yesisthenewno.warnerbros.com

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Another ABS-CBN Primetime TeleNovela to watch out.

"Tayong Dalawa"
starring: Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson
and Jake Cuenca
January 19 2008

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

The overall Production was fantastic,specially the prosthetic ,the Art team did a good job in bringing the old scenes into reality.The costumes used in the movie were all elegant.
The story was unbelievable but it`s worth watching for.
It`s full of detail.Though it`s really long it`s enjoying and the humor is captivating.
The places are beautiful and lovely.
Music was lonely but it fits the story.
Special Effects are fantastic,not so expected in this kind of movie.
And the main characters are really great,They`ve been performing well since the beginning.
This is a masterpiece.

“I was born under unusual circumstances.”
And so begins “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” adapted from the 1920s story by F. Scott Fitzgerald about a man who is born in his eighties and ages backwards: A man, like any of us, who is unable to stop time. From New Orleans at the end of World War I in 1918, into the 21st century, on a journey as unusual as any man’s life can be, the film tells the grand tale of a not so ordinary man and the people and places he discovers along the way, the loves he finds and loses, the joys of life and the sadness of death, and what lasts beyond time.
Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures Present A Kennedy/Marshall Production A David Fincher Film, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” starring Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Taraji P. Henson, Julia Ormond, Jason Flemyng, Elias Koteas and Tilda Swinton. The film is directed by David Fincher. The screenplay is by Eric Roth, with screen story by Eric Roth and Robin Swicord, based on the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The producers are Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall and Ceán Chaffin.
The behind-the-scenes team is led by director of photography Claudio Miranda, production designer Donald Graham Burt, editors Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall, and costume designer Jacqueline West. The music is by Alexandre Desplat.


(In order of appearance)

Monsieur Gateau ELIAS KOTEAS
Martin Gateau JACOB WOOD
Man at Train Station EARL MADDOX
Teddy Roosevelt ED METZGER
Priest Giving Last Rites DANNY VINSON
Doctor at Benjamin’s Birth DAVID JENSEN
Caroline Button JOEANNA SAYLER
Mrs. Hollister FIONA HALE
Benjamin 1928-31 PETER BADALAMENTI
General Winston DANNY NELSON
Sybil Wagner PAULA GRAY
Filamena Gilea TROI BECHET
Young Mr. Daws CLAY CULLEN
Benjamin 1932-34 ROBERT TOWERS
Daisy’s Nurse SONYA LESLIE
Prostitute with Benjamin YASMINE ABRIEL
Benjamin 1935-37 TOM EVERETT
Prentiss Mayes DON CREECH
Pleasant Curtis JOSH STEWART
Benjamin Button BRAD PITT
Russian Interpreter ILIA VOLOK
Elizabeth Abbott TILDA SWINTON
Young Elizabeth Abbott TAREN CUNNINGHAM
Queenie’s Daughter Age 14 DEVYN TYLER
Man at Caroline’s Party LOUIS HERTHUM
Caroline Age 12 KATTA HULES
Robert Williams RUS BLACKWELL
Queenie’s Daughter Age 40 DENEEN D. TYLER
Featured Dancers JESSICA CROPPER


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Showing on theaters Jan. 15
Love Me Again is showing soon and we can't wait for the various guestings, promos and mall shows with GEL and PIOLO!! We have been waiting for this movie and for this explosive TANDEM to appear on the big screen. More projects for GELO!

ANGEL and PIOLO's movie (love me again) is highly anticipated. the trailer being shown now is so melodramatic, kindly include the kilig scenes. we know angel and piolo are good dramatic actors but the light romantic scenes will invite moviegoers to watch the film. thanks!

LOVE ME AGAIN in the USA PREMIERE WAS such a HIT!!!...We can't wait for the OFFICIAL JANUARY RELEASE date in the Philippines and hopefully, Pj and GEL and LOVE me again will premiere in the USA as well in January! GELO gelo GELO All the way!!!!!!!!! Hope to see more PROMO to come!!

Please continue promos for Love Me Again (Land Down Under)... hope to see new trailers, the music vid and clips from the World Premiere!

Congrats to Piolo and Angel for winning in the Star Awards for TV!!!

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