Fast and Furios

Went to podium to watch Fast and Furios press screening,got an invite from Jona of

Solar Films presents Fast and Furios
From the very beginning this movie was breathtaking.I was like holding to my seat as I am amazed at the same time scared with the racing scenes.
It makes me want to watch all Fast and Furios movies.
Altough I can`t relate to some scenes due to incomplete info.I had great time watching it.The thrill of watching fast cars racing is doubled for it was also like a mind game, the character of Braga was so mysterious and made me think a lot who he really is.
I also like O`connor`s detective skills and how he was able to penetrate as an agent.
I like the twist of the story specially when (Paul Walker ) O`connor pretended himself as one of those racers , it was a difficult situation but in the end proved courage more than anybody.