Knight and Day Movie Review

James Mangold did a very good job in this movie. The combination of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz is for the win. The story is very well written and I can say that it was a good choice of characters. It was obviously a very fun movie, what makes it more funny is it was a bit of comic story.If I were to rate this on a scale of 1 to 5 ,I give 3.

I think that the story was an original idea of James Mangold, so kudos on that! There was also a great transition when it comes to change of location. So I did like the whole concept, except that I was expecting a bed scene form the two. Maybe they were too old for that but that would not be an excuse.

Reasons why you should watch Knight and Day;

• It’s a showcase of Tom Cruise’ charisma
• Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz love team was a great performance.
• You will learn tricks, tactics and spying.
• Not just a movie but a tour to beautiful countries.
• The more you pay attention to the movie the more it gives you excitement.
• The earlier you watch the movie the more you get the chance to be the first to know the secret recipe behind this movie.

Despite it was rated PG -13, I would recommend this movie to general audience because;
• It was very well written,
• Story has terrific idea, unbelievable plot.
• Settings are very creative
• Actors are great performers, which was a great choice.
• Fight scene are just mild.