Gran Torino

A story about a car.Im sorry coz Gran Torino is an old vintage car.
It goes like this:
There was an English Old racist man who hates the world.Maybe due to old age and being alone.
Everyone around him wants his Gran Torino and everything else he owns.
Like his family,friends and neighbors.
He gradually became soft and even the most tolerable person upon the attempt of his Asian neighbors to please him.
To avoid spoiling the excitement for this that`s it for now.
It will be shown in Philippine cinemas Feb. 18
I am not an avid viewer of Clint Eastwood films but it was surprise to know that he is both the Director and Producer of this film.It is hard to imagine that Clint could have made that idea.No wonder he really delivered his peice so well. Does Clint really speaks that Husky in real life or that was actiing the whole time.Everytime scenes were so serious there will always be a chop of funny humour with it.That`s why even if it`s a bit boring and sad it pulls every single heartstring.Kudos to the Asian actors for doing great job.I wish I could be like them.And thinking of the story all over again I really can`t accept the kind of ending.I wish something happen which was favor to him.Whatever it is,Gran Torino is a brilliant idea of Clint Eastwood.