Marley and Me

From the Director of "The Devil wears Prada" presents Marley and Me.
Bob Marley is a true legend,this Dog in the movie was named after him.
While playing the song "One Love" then begins the baptizing of the name Marley.
Marley and Me is a story of a couple who can`t have any child at first,newly weds John and Jenny Grogan
So they adopted a puppy for them to become happy.They didn`t just became happy,their life went to wacky and riot.
Marley is a cute yellow labrador until he became a 100-pound steamroller of unbridled energy who flanks obedience school,chew off dry-wall,takes a bite out of the Sofa,overturns garbage can,steals Thanksgiving turkey,consumes pillows and flowers,drinks toilet water,and chases the UPS guy.He even swallowed Jenny`s expensive necklace.
There is a nice influence seeing this kind of movie.
Love for animals turns out love for human beings.
It is a story that captures everybody`s heart,a story about friendship inspite of competition,a story about the essence of journalism and story of giving importance to family.
I cried at the end of the movie when Marley died.It was so overwhelming.

What: Press Screening of Marley and Me
Who: Carl Valenzona , Ed Arevalo
When: Feb 2 Where: Powerplant mall Cinema 3
Thanks: to Sionee
in theaters: Feb 4
segway: we went here after an hour of swimming! Lols