Travolta and Meyers in "From Paris With Love"

Chemistry creates a good match. The on-screen tandem of actors John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers assures a new addition to the elite list of effective pairs lighting up the big screen.

This February, a no-nonsense buddy relationship happens in theaters, with a veteran act stirring it up with someone with 'enough presence to play opposite him.' From Paris With Love, with director Pierre Morel (Taken), ensures audiences of a 'credible comedy with a dramatic story.'

Here, Travolta portrays the role of secret American agent Charlie Wax who is in Paris for a high-risk mission and who crosses paths with embassy worker James Reese (Meyers) who wants to become a real agent. The film follows the two on a journey through one of the world's most popular cities, with all the comedic dialogue and situations while Wax serves as mentor for Reese.

"Jonathan and I both have a similar attack on acting, (approaching it) in a very naturalistic way," says Travolta. He explains, "Our energies are similar in that we keep the fire lit throughout a scene and if we don’t, we make it happen."

Travolta has only good words for Meyers who already won a Golden Globe for his starring role in the CBS television miniseries Elvis and got nominated twice for playing Henry the VIII in the Showtime original series The Tudors. He points out. "He is a brilliant actor and I think out of all the young actors, he is probably the most gifted. All his performances prove that because they are diversified and they're believable and they're classic."

Meyers is likewise in awe of Travolta much more than one can easily scale. He said, "In Face Off, I think he did a brilliant job with being Nic Cage! You don’t have the physicality to portray the person you are meant to play and I think he really nailed that."

Meyers separates his character from that of Travolta and shows how that difference makes a big difference: "I have to go through a lot of really dorky stuff, ethical issues and Reese is far more ethical than Wax. So it’s a buddy movie where there are people who have different ideals, yet have the same goal which they're going towards to."

Distributed by Viva International Pictures, From Paris With Love opens in cinemas on February 24.