Review : The Blind Side

The Blind Side 

               Based from the real life story of American Football Player Michael Oher and how he became part of the Touhy family. His becoming part of the family turned his life into wonderful time coming from a traumatic background of being separated from his real family. Starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw as the generous Touhy couple who adopted Michael Oher played by Quinton Aaron.

               The story was written and directed by John Lee Hancock from the 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis. Movie wise, it was well written except that some scenes are unbelievable. Some situations in the movie were too perfect; First when the Touhy Couple adopted Michael, in real life they might argue about adopting a stranger just like normal couples do, but not in this movie. Having a person whom you don’t really know is quite dangerous. Second Michael’s character was too kind. In this movie there was no sign where he was tempted to do bad things like stealing or destroying something in the house. In real life he could have been tempted to do it since he was allowed to do and have everything and besides he came from a ghetto society. Third the Touhy couple had a daughter same age with Michael. That could be something uncomfortable but it was not. Fourth, it is questionable how did Michael entered Wingate Christian School when he has no parents and he was homeless. How come he was allowed to come to school when all he had was a pair of clothes?

             Last January 26 together with my movie buddies I had the chance to watch The Blind Side in advance. This movie is where Sandra Bullock won Best Actress from the 67th Golden Globe Awards. She played Leigh Anne Touhy a loving wife to Sean Touhy. Her character evolved when he met Michael who happens to be her daughter’s classmate( Collins ) and friend of her son SJ. She took Michael home one winter night upon learning out he was homeless. From that night Michael found a new home and family. Leigh Anne was a good Samaritan to Michael. She and her husband adopted Michael and gave all his needs including food, own room, education, football career and clothes. Michael was having difficulties in his studies but Leigh Anne hired a private tutor for him. Michael refuses to answer any questions in school but he was diagnosed that he possessed a high percentage on defense and protecting self and others. The Touhy couple brought him to learn to play American Football wherein he was able to connect his past, his feelings, his experiences and his dream. He became a superstar in football and he became a superstar in the lives of the Touhys.

                  Out of curiosity what kind of acting does Sandra has in this movie, I tried studying on her role and there was nothing new I’ve seen from other dramatic actress. Not even mellow dramatic tears and emotional scenes. She just played a typical mother and wife but there was something beyond her character in this movie She was an extraordinary inspiring. So I was imagining if the real Leigh Anne Touhy would relly be like her. As beautiful, lovely and generous as her.? If yes , then she could be the perfect mother in the world. I wish she could be my Mom. I think that Sandra did a good job. She has touched the heart of the audience including mine.

                This is not just a movie to share but a story to cherish. Watching this movie is great feeling. A movie which inspires everyone to help others. That there are no barriers in helping for the sake of other’s improvement. It also promotes family values and significance of friendship. This the best film out of a simple story.