Shrek Forever After Movie Review

Shrek Forever After Movie was artistically done. In terms of setting, voice execution and story I can say that it really came out of great talents and excellent creativity. The style of presenting this is well studied and well researched. It was a nice choice of production. It was well thought and attractive. The attempt to provide fun and humor was a success, the punchlines and jokes were funny.

I am sure that children would still love this final chapter of Shrek. In this movie I am not so impressed of Shrek's character challenging an evil dragon, it is being done by all hero characters with this kind of story. But Director Mike Mitchell and writers Josh Klausner and Darren Lemke could have put some effort to think of a different twist in this part.

Rescuing a beautiful princess for me is the story's climax. In every fairy tale love saves everything. Great execution on this part since the way they put everything back was not by just an ordinary love. This will also influence the viewers that true love never dies.

Watch  Shrek Forever After Movie in theaters and bring your family. SHREK THE FINAL CHAPTER - IN THEATERS MAY 21.