The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

This is my second time to watch this movie and it`s really worth watching again.
I was just curious for the second time .And same with others I thought it was a sci-fi movie in the beginning.The story was really lovely,it talks about life and love.
Clarity captures every viewers heart .
and it`s true that
no one should be treated badly because of their differences.
There are so much lessons to learn here:
How Choices affects us as individuals, our lives, the people around us and their lives, and the rest of the world.
this story is in the mode of goodness

The characters and story are deep yet related.
Great performances by the cast.
Each and every detail are meaningful
Art Direction was really amazing, imaginatively astounding.

There really is nothing wrong with this film. Even with a runtime of about 160 minutes,
The tears of my friends are rewardless.
This wonderful movie is recommended to anyone.

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