Showing on theaters Jan. 15
Love Me Again is showing soon and we can't wait for the various guestings, promos and mall shows with GEL and PIOLO!! We have been waiting for this movie and for this explosive TANDEM to appear on the big screen. More projects for GELO!

ANGEL and PIOLO's movie (love me again) is highly anticipated. the trailer being shown now is so melodramatic, kindly include the kilig scenes. we know angel and piolo are good dramatic actors but the light romantic scenes will invite moviegoers to watch the film. thanks!

LOVE ME AGAIN in the USA PREMIERE WAS such a HIT!!!...We can't wait for the OFFICIAL JANUARY RELEASE date in the Philippines and hopefully, Pj and GEL and LOVE me again will premiere in the USA as well in January! GELO gelo GELO All the way!!!!!!!!! Hope to see more PROMO to come!!

Please continue promos for Love Me Again (Land Down Under)... hope to see new trailers, the music vid and clips from the World Premiere!

Congrats to Piolo and Angel for winning in the Star Awards for TV!!!